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    Clair lives in a society where people can transport wherever they want using D-mat and people do not need to worry about hunger because food can be made out of no where. However, there are other things that they need to worry about, and Clair discovers one of these when her best friend Libby uses something called improvement which is supposed to make someone better than they already are. Clair doesn’t think that it can be legit at first, but soon she finds out that Libby is changing and she hardly even recognizes the person that she is becoming. She also finds out that many people who use improvement end up dying only a week after they start. Clair is determined to save her best friend no matter what it takes and what the risk might be to her.
    I found the society in the book to be very interesting especially the D-mat and the rules of the D-mat. Williams clearly spent a lot of time world building which is not all that true when it comes to most books that take place in the future. He also had rules for his universe which he followed.
    Clair’s development was also interesting to see. She started out as a girl who was not all that sure of herself, but she eventually grew to be more confident and learned what she wanted to stand for. It would be interesting to see how she develops in the next book.
    As you might have seen from other reviews of this book, it has a lot of action. That can be a good thing or it can be a bad thing. Williams is very good at writing action scenes, but there were some times when I thought that he went a little bit over board with the amount of them that was in the book. However, some people might like the constant action. Like I said, this could be considered a good or a bad thing.
    Libby wasn’t developed all that much. You would think at the beginning of the book that she is going to be in a lot of scenes, but she is in hardly any and she doesn’t really develop. I don’t know much more about her at the end of the book than I did at the beginning. She is mostly just used so that there is a plot, which was disappointing. I wanted her to be in more scenes.
    Overall I would have to give this book three out of five. I am not sure if I am going to read anymore in this series or if I’m not. It was pretty long so I probably won’t since I don’t like long books very much.

  1. I realize i’m following you now (i think so i’m not entirely familiar with wordpress), but I have nominated you for the Liebster Award. Check out my blog post for more details. I look forward to reading more reviews, but could you make it more, i don’t know, personal, instead of focusing on only the technical aspects? 🙂 🙂
    P.S. : What’s your name?

    • Thank you for following my blog and for your advice. I am still getting used to WordPress too. Oh and my name is Rachel. Oh and I am willing to accept that award. I will need to find some other blogs to recommend though.

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