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Don’t Even Think About It

Posted: February 24, 2014 in Uncategorized

I received “Don’t Ever Think About It” by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

A New York City homeroom is completely normal until the day all but two of their students are given flu vaccines. These vaccines do more than just keep the flu away and also give them the power to read minds. With this power, they can find out all the secrets people have been hiding from them, but not all of these they want to find out. They soon find out that there might be someone at their school who is trying to find out if any of the students can now read minds. The students don’t know what this person might want, but they are worried.

This book was quite funny a lot of the times. I saw that a lot of people had problems with some of the stuff the students found out such as their parents’ sex lives and thought it was too much information, but I had no problem with that, since it was realistic. I found that a long of the stuff they found out was realistic. Really they might find out even worse things. I also thought that this book could be quite funny.

Some of the characters were developed more than others. That isn’t all that surprising to me since there was I believe twenty-two students who were given the vaccine. That is a lot of characters to cover. I would have liked if they could have told more about some of the others, but I guess that wasn’t possible. I feel like maybe the author could have given less of them vaccines so this didn’t happen. I liked the conclusion to some of the characters’ stories, but some of them didn’t seem to have any or theirs didn’t make all that much sense.

I wasn’t all that fond of the ending. I just don’t think the government would allow the students to do that. I didn’t find it to be realistic at all. There also wasn’t much of ap lot in this book and mostly the students just ran around and did whatever they wanted to. It was fine this time, but I don’t think there should be a sequel, because despite the ending I don’t think there really is any reason for one. This book didn’t even have a plot. They would probably just do the same thing in the sequel and so there isn’t a need for one.

Overall, I would give this book three out of five brains.