Carnelian by B. Kristin McMichael

Posted: May 26, 2014 in Uncategorized

Netgalley gave me this book in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!

Carnelian by B. Kristin McMichael

Mari is looking forward to college and getting a brand new start. She doesn’t know what will await her there, but she doesn’t expect that a boy handsome enough to be an underwear model will fall asleep in her lap. She also doesn’t expect that she will fall for him and that this boy will turn out to be from the past, and that she will belong to two separate times.

I loved Mari. Unlike most characters in YA and NA novels she doesn’t fall in love with Seth right away. Yes, she thinks that he is amazingly sexy, but once she finds out that he might be a player than she tries her hardest not to fall for him. Seth has to work hard to convince her to actually go out with him. I also liked that Seth was actually a nice guy and he didn’t act like an angsty jerk which also seems to be popular in this kind of novel.

I also adored her best friend Sim. She was so funny and interesting and I loved every chapter that she was in. I was hoping that she would have a love interest also and I won’t tell if she does or doesn’t.

A problem I did have with this book is that it took about half the book to actually get to the part with time travel. Before it just concentrated on Mari’s relationship with Seth and her start at college. I didn’t find it to be that bad that it took awhile to get to the time travel part because of how good the author’s writing is, but really the plot should have come earlier.

Overall I would give this book four out of five stars. I very much enjoyed it and am looking forward to reading the sequel when it comes out.

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