Two by Karl Alexander

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Two by Karl Alexander

Parker and Emerson are identical twin sisters whose lives change when an author interviews them he is going to have twins in his new YA book. Tim soon decides that he will put the twins in the book and of course they are very happy and excited about that because it will make them more well known. However, they also have to deal with their high school drama and when Portia Flowers wants to get revenge on them for getting her expelled things start to go downhill for the twins and Tim.

First I am going to say that I did like the twins’ bond with each other. I am not a twin,l but I do have a little sister and the bond that Parker and Emerson had with each other did seem to be realistic. Perhaps it was a bit exaggerated since the twins were always finishing each others sentences and what not but I still liked it. The twins also had plenty of conversations that were not about men.

However, overall I didn’t like this book. I found Parker and Emerson to be complete brats and I had little sympathy for them especially as the book went on. I actually felt bad for Portia a lot of the time even though she is the antagonist. It seemed like Alexander didn’t want to give Portia any good traits and he just wanted the twins to be right all the time.

I also found Tim to be very creepy. He is probably in his mid twenties, but he had a thing for one of the twins and he even tries to act on it. This is disturbing, but Alexander didn’t act like it was a big deal and Tim was portrayed as a good guy not the creeper that he was. He was also married during this, but the fact that he wanted to cheat on his wife with a sixteen-year-old girl wasn’t made to be a big deal in the book. The wife was actually made to look like the bad guy.

This book also didn’t have much plot and the twins just kind of ran around and did things and pretty much only with themselves. The twins didn’t really seem to care about anyone except themselves, their parents, and the men in their lives. They supposedly had other friends, but there aren’t any in the book.

Overall I give this book two out of five.

  1. katsmiao says:

    thanks for the review. I’m about to read and review the book myself. ps: i like your blog!

  2. Hopefully you will like it more than I did. And thank you. I’m kind of new to blogging so I know it’s not much.

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