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When Rebecca was a child she saw a horrible crime being committed. Being the only witness, she was the person who led to the person getting caught. The only problem is that crime that happened all those years ago will lead to Rebecca’s best friend, Ryan, being framed for bombing a school. Rebecca knows that Ryan would never do something like that and she is determined to do whatever it takes for him to get proven innocent and to catch the people who are really responsible for the bombing.

I liked how Rebecca reacted realistically to the crime that happened when she was a child. She wasn’t like many main characters who see something horrible and then act like it wasn’t a big deal and pretty much forget about it. Even though it happened years ago, Rebecca still has nightmares about the incident and struggles to move on with her life. She also has doubt over if she did the right thing.

I liked the minor characters in this novel, too, even her friends from back home who weren’t in the novel all that much. A few characters are attracted to Rebecca and want to be with her which would normally annoy me, but Hansen did a good job of not making Rebecca a Mary Sue. Rebecca has problems and flaws just like everyone does.

I also thought the antagonists were very interesting. I kind of wish there hadn’t been a prologue in this book. It would have been harder to guess the twists if there wasn’t one and I’m not sure that it was really necessary anyway.

The book is very fast pace, but it also has character development. I loved when they went to Vegas. I have gone to Vegas, too, but my experience there was nothing like theirs which is probably a good thing.

There wasn’t much that I didn’t like about this book. I just didn’t like it enough to give it five. However, it does get four.

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I received this book from the publisher for free in exchange for an honest review.


Evalyn was a normal college student a year ago. Now the world believes she is a terrorist and she must go to the Compass Room for a month or to death row. Evalyn decides to do the Compass Room even though she doubts that she will be able to survive the room that can determine whether a person is guilty or innocent. However, she thinks that it is better than waiting on death row. However, once she is there, nothing goes how she thought it would, and soon she finds herself falling for Casey, another person in it. Will the two of them be able to survive or will they both perish?

I see on Goodreads a lot of people didn’t like this book, but I found it to be very good. It is very exciting and I kept wondering who would be the next person to get killed off and hoping that my favorites would somehow b e able to make it. I kept expecting that only two people would survive like in the Hunger Games, which made me sad because I wanted so much more of them to make it. I’m not going to say who makes it and who doesn’t or how many actually do survive.

I loved the characters, especially Jace and Valerie. I liked their love story much more than I liked Evalyn’s. I thought the two of them were really developed especially Jade who you can tell feels very guilty about what happened.

One of the problems I had with this novel is actually the MCs relationship with Casey. I found it to be annoying and a distraction from the main story. It kind of reminded me of Katniss’ relationship with Peeta in the Hunger Games. I didn’t quite get it since she had so many other things to worry about. I know the Jace and Valerie relationship could be criticized for the same reason but I thought those two characters were developed much better than Casey was who I found to be kind of boring.

The novel also is very much like the Hunger Games, which is good in a way but also makes it not very original. At least this series doesn’t have a love triangle at least not yet. I hope that it never does because those are so overdone.

I like that this book is a NA one and isn’t just pure romance like most NA novels are. There is so much that can be done with the NA genre and it shouldn’t be only romance. I’m glad that it seems like other people agree with me.

Overall I would give this book four out of five. I am looking forward to reading the next in the series.

I got this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Breaking Free: True Stories of Girls Who Escaped Modern Slavery is about three girls who survived human trafficking and managed to escape. Even though these girls have gone through horrible things, they are not all that different than any other girl. They have just gone through horrible things that could have happened to anyone if they were in the same situation as them. Still it is amazing how strong the women are and how they are now dedicating their lives to helping people.
I am going to start off by saying like I did up above that this book is amazing. I found all three of the stories to be sad, but I was also moved that they were able to help other people who have gone through the same things. I think this is the kind of book that people should read in schools. Not enough people know about human trafficking and instead believe that slavery is only something in the past or they believe that human trafficking can only happen in other countries and not their own. That is not the case.
Even though this is a non-fiction book it is not boring and is very easy to read. It explains a lot about human trafficking and this book doesn’t talk down to the readers. At the end it also tells how teenagers can help end human trafficking.
Ending human trafficking is an important cause and I have included human trafficking in some of my novels. I am glad that I got the chance to read this book because I got the chance to learn even more about the issue and it really was an amazing book that lots of people should read.
Overall I would give this amazing book five out of five. I would recommend it to pretty much anyone, since everyone needs to know about human trafficking.
I got this book free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Darkside Sun by Jocelyn Adams

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Addison has seen things she shouldn’t see since she was six, but even though the things she has seen have horrified her, she has done her best to live a normal life. Now she is in college and doing her best to manage the horrifying images and get a degree. However, when her professor finds out about what she has been seeing, she is pulled deep into an organization meant to stop the horrifying creatures, but Addison isn’t sure that she wants to do this even if her professor is super hot.
When I requested this book I thought that it was going to be way different than it actually was. I thought it would be more about Addison dealing with what she sees while still going to college, but that is not the case. Still, the whole Machine was an interesting idea. I loved some of the characters in the book too especially her best friend in the machine.
Addison was also an okay character. I liked how she actually got along with her father and she worried about him a lot. It seems like characters ignore their parents in a lot of books and it was nice that wasn’t the case in this one.
I couldn’t stand Asher however. I thought he was okay when he was first introduced. Yes, he was an asshole, but I could deal with that. As the book went on he just seemed to get worse and worse and even though he does get a bit better at the end, I just can’t forgive him for all the things he did. I don’t understand why some people find love interests like him to be so hot. I don’t. I think he’s just a jerk.
I also found some of the aspects of the machine to be unrealistic or at least underdeveloped. I don’t want to go too much in depth about this since it would mean I would have to tell spoilers.
Despite that I didn’t like this book and have no plans to read its sequel, I do think that there are others that it might appeal to. However, I am only going to give it two out of five.
I got this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


Monument 14 by Emmy Laybourne

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Monument 14 is about a boy name Dean who is just on his way to school when suddenly a huge hail storm strikes the bus he is traveling on forcing them to take refuge in the nearest store. Soon the only adult in the group leaves in order to get help and the teens and children are left all by themselves with no one to help them survive. Not only do they have to worry about the disasters that keep occurring outside and people who might want to break in and harm them but they also struggle with teen drama.
    When I read the back of this book at Barnes and Nobles, I knew that it sounded like one that I liked. I love books where teens have to survive natural disasters on their own, and I think living in a giant store would be fun. I’ve actually wanted to write a story when people are stuck in a store by themselves, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet. This story didn’t disappoint either. Many of the things that happened are what I imagine might if teenagers were stuck in a store. I also liked reading about what they did with the place.
    I found the chemical spill to be very interesting, too, especially when I found out what it did. It made me wonder what my blood type is and what would happened to me if I was there. I still don’t know my blood type, so I also wouldn’t know what my reaction would be just like many of the characters.
    There wasn’t much that I didn’t like about this book, but I suppose that some of the characters did act a bit too mature for their age at times, especially the children. Also it was a bit unrealistic that Niko could do as much as he could. I was in Girl Scouts when I was a kid and I can’t do much of anything.
    Overall I would give this book four out of five. I liked it a lot and I am going to be reading the sequel as soon as I can.

Kinetic by S.K. Anthony

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I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
Annie has powers and she has ever since the luminaries saved her from her life in orphanages and foster care and started training her to work for them. She finally had everything she wanted, including a husband who she loved, until he left her because he suddenly turned evil and didn’t want to be with her. However, despite that Annie was getting along, but eventually she finds out that he is up to something that is endangering everyone. Annie knows that she has to help them catch him and find out what is going on, but it is hard when she can’t help but still have feelings for the man.
First of all I am going to say that the cover is beautiful. I had a kindle version oft his book so it’s not like I could look at it all that much, but it is very pretty. One of the better covers I have seen in awhile. The novel also has a pretty interesting concept. I like to read about people with powers. A lot of my novels are about people with powers. I thought it would be fun to read this one and see how S.K. Anthony’s approach to them was.
Annie is also an all right character. She is an independent strong woman who knows what she believes in. Some of her reactions are a bit unrealistic, but overall she is probably the best character in the book. I just couldn’t relate to her as much as I would like to because some of her reactions to things don’t make sense and because at times she seems kind of stupid if you ask me.
The beginning part of this book is strong but after that is goes downhill. I often found myself to be bored and tired of all the dialogue. I found that the characters weren’t all that smart and didn’t act realistically a lot of the time. I predicted a lot of the twists and none of them really surprised me, which was disappointing since I did want to like this novel.
Overall I would give this book two out of five. I do not plan to read any of the other books in this series.


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    Clair lives in a society where people can transport wherever they want using D-mat and people do not need to worry about hunger because food can be made out of no where. However, there are other things that they need to worry about, and Clair discovers one of these when her best friend Libby uses something called improvement which is supposed to make someone better than they already are. Clair doesn’t think that it can be legit at first, but soon she finds out that Libby is changing and she hardly even recognizes the person that she is becoming. She also finds out that many people who use improvement end up dying only a week after they start. Clair is determined to save her best friend no matter what it takes and what the risk might be to her.
    I found the society in the book to be very interesting especially the D-mat and the rules of the D-mat. Williams clearly spent a lot of time world building which is not all that true when it comes to most books that take place in the future. He also had rules for his universe which he followed.
    Clair’s development was also interesting to see. She started out as a girl who was not all that sure of herself, but she eventually grew to be more confident and learned what she wanted to stand for. It would be interesting to see how she develops in the next book.
    As you might have seen from other reviews of this book, it has a lot of action. That can be a good thing or it can be a bad thing. Williams is very good at writing action scenes, but there were some times when I thought that he went a little bit over board with the amount of them that was in the book. However, some people might like the constant action. Like I said, this could be considered a good or a bad thing.
    Libby wasn’t developed all that much. You would think at the beginning of the book that she is going to be in a lot of scenes, but she is in hardly any and she doesn’t really develop. I don’t know much more about her at the end of the book than I did at the beginning. She is mostly just used so that there is a plot, which was disappointing. I wanted her to be in more scenes.
    Overall I would have to give this book three out of five. I am not sure if I am going to read anymore in this series or if I’m not. It was pretty long so I probably won’t since I don’t like long books very much.


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    I received “Glimpse” for free from the publisher’s in exchange for a review.

    Dean’s life changes drastically after he saves a man from muggers and the man whispers “Glimpse” when bleeding all over him. After this, Dean starts seeing horrifying images of people he know. Dean has no idea what this means, but soon finds out that he is seeing visions of people dying. He is determined to try and find a way to stop it and find out why this might be happening to him.

    This book starts right away. You don’t have to read a bunch of pages before the plot kicks it which is always good. There is nothing that I dislike more than a book that starts off slow. I have stopped reading many books for that reason. This one does not have that problem. The whole book is pretty fast paced, but the plot doesn’t seem to be rushed either. There wasn’t any time that I was confused about what was happening.

    Dean is a fairly likable character. He tries to help others such as the man who was getting mugged, and even though he argues with his sister like many people to, he does love her deep down. I found some of their interactions to be funny especially toward the end of the book. There was actually quite a few funny parts of this book, which I liked. It’s not good for a book to take itself too seriously.

    Overall, I quite liked this book, but I am not sure that I like it enough to read any of the sequels. It just didn’t hook me in as much as it needs to for that, but other people might like it more than I did. I think it’s more for a younger YA audience and that might be one of the reasons. I give this book three out of five.

Poor Little Dead Girls

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 I got “Poor Little Dead Girls” by the Goodreads first read program.

    Sadie isn’t rich or famous like many of the girls at her new school, but because of a scholarship she still gets to attend. At first, all Sadie is trying to do is make new friends and survive her lacrosse practices. However, eventually she is recruited for a secret society, which she joins without knowing much about it. Sadie soon finds out that it might be dangerous, and she herself might be in trouble. She makes it her mission to find out their secrets to protect herself and others who are important to her.

    Normally, I don’t really care much for contemporary novels, especially when a major part of them is the main character attending school. I find that to be boring for the most part and don’t want to read about school when I spent plenty of time in it. This novel was different though, even though Sadie does have a love interest and she does have to struggle with drama her classmates provide, the main plot is not that. Sadie is a very focused character for the most part who I think lots of people will find to be relatable. I also found the other characters to be interesting. I’m not sure why, but I really liked her twin roommates. Sure, at first, it seems like they are only party girls, but there is more to them. I wish that there would have been more scenes with them in it. Even some of the characters who seem to be unlikable at first have more to them.

    The secret society was very interesting and I was surprised by it quite often. I didn’t expect they would initiate members the way they did, and so that was very interesting. I also found the ending to be shocking. That wasn’t something that I saw coming, but I thought it was a good twist. Really I didn’t see any of the twists in this novel coming, which was a nice change.

    There wasn’t really much wrong with this novel, but it just didn’t impact me enough for me to give it five brains. Still, it is a great novel, which a lot of people will enjoy. I give it four brains.