Return by Max W. Miller

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Megan is about to go to a great new college with her close to perfect boyfriend who is a football player at that college when the two of them and her parents head to New York on a trip. Megan is disappointed since they were supposed to go to Egypt at first, but soon the trip to New York becomes much more eventful than she planned. When looking at some Ancient Egyptian artifacts, Megan can’t help but touch one of them which leads to her having visions. Megan doesn’t know what is happening and she is worried that this might change her and cause her to lose everything that she loves so much.

This novel was very readable. I read most of it in one sitting and I wasn’t bored the whole time. I really like Miller’s writing style. She didn’t go overboard with purple prose or anything like that.

I also adored Megan’s roommate from the south. She was adorable and very likable. I wish that she had been the main character because she is so interesting and funny. I liked all her sayings and I might read some of the later books in the series just so I can see what happens to her.

I really did want to like this book, but the main problem I had with it is that it doesn’t have much of a plot. Mostly it is just about Megan trying to find out what is wrong with her and freaking out because of what is happening. It’s more her freaking out then trying to find out what is wrong, too. This book could have been a lot shorter than it was for that reason.

I should probably give this book two out of three, but I loved the roommate and it was a fun book to read despite the plot problem so I am going to give it three out of five. I hope that the next book will have more of a plot than this one did.


Netgalley gave me this book in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!

Maddie is starting eighth grade, but it is not going how she wants it to. She failed to make the soccer team that her best friend, Kate, is on and now she feels like she is slowly losing her as a friend. She is also having problems finding other people she can fit in with and math is impossible to her. She is hoping to make friends with thew new girl Jasmine, but she is having problems doing that too. Jasmine has just lost her father and now she is moving to a new town. Her mother is also struggling to make ends meet and Jasmine wants to help her somehow. Jasmine is determined to do whatever it takes and mayeb even if that means that she might have to steal.

I loved how the author made both the characters very sympathetic. You couldn’t help but feel bad for both of the girls and wish things that would improve for both of them. I also very much wanted them to be friends since both of them needed a friend.

The ending was also very nice, but I worry that there won’t be much chance for the girls to be friends after what happened. I do like that both characters develop during the novels and they find out more about themselves and their families.

There wasn’t really anything that I didn’t like about this novel. Overall it was very good. I’m not sure if I would consider it upper middle grade or lower YA, probably lower YA because of some of the things in the novel.

I’m going to give this four out of five.

Glitch by Brenda Pandos

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Netgalley gave me this book in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!

Glitch by Brenda Pandos

Abby is finally turning eighteen and that means that she should soon get to meet her compliment, the older version of herself. She is excited to meet her and even when someone with blue eyes (people aren’t supposed to have blue eyes in her society) warns her not to go to the meetings. She still ends up going and she is not happy about what she finds out. She is determined to find the blue eyed person who warned her about going to the meeting and find out what EA might be planning.

EA reminded me right away of the Sims, which I know is weird, but it’s still what it reminded me of. Anyway I found the concept of this book to be interesting. I was especially curious why they didn’t want people to have blue eyes. This was what I wanted to find out more than anything else in this novel. I also found the watch that could predict when someone dies to be very interesting.

I love zombies so I was excited that they were in this novel. I wish that they had a bigger part, though. Still, I’m also glad that the whole novel wasn’t just fighting zombies because even I would find that to be boring and not much of a plot.

The time travel in this novel is handled decently, but I wish that it had been in more of the novel to. It’s only in a bit and that makes it confusing. I’m sure that it will be in some of the later novels since it’s obvious that it’s going to be important. Still, I would have liked more in this novel .

One thing that I noticed which isn’t big but still annoyed me was one character was told she didn’t have blue eyed genes, but then she has a blue eyed child. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m like 99 percent sure that brown eyed parents have to have blue eyed genes to have a blue eyed child even if one of the partners has blue eyes.

Overall I would give this book 3.5 out of five but I am feeling nice today so I am going to round it up to four. I think I might read some of the later books in this series because there is still lots of things that I am curious about.

Netgalley gave me this book in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!

The Cowboy and the Vampire by Clark Hays and Kathleen McFall

Lizzie is a big town reporter who happened to fall in love with a cowboy named Tucker when she interviewed him for an article she was writing. Lizzie didn’t know how her romance with Tucker would go or if it would last even though she couldn’t help but fall in love with him, but everything changes when she is kidnapped by vampires. Tucker is determined to rescue her despite what the risks are.

I couldn’t help but smile when I read this novel’s title. That is actually why I decided to request this book even though I am not huge into vampires and I don’t read as much romance novels as I used to. However, one thing I did like about this was that Lizzie was not a vampire right away. I also thought that Lizzie was a strong character, and I liked that about her.

I didn’t like the ending to this novel at all. It just seemed to be a bit of a cop out. Even the antagonist said that it wasn’t possible at the end. I wish that the authors would have found another way to end it.

I also didn’t mind how vampires were handled in this novel. I did think that the prophecy was pretty nasty, though.

This book was not what I expected it to be but overall it was all right. I give it three out of five.

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The Girl With the Blood Red Lips by V.B. Marlowe

Neva has been cursed. She is forced to relive being in high school until she finally manages to break the curse. However, Neva isn’t willing to do what is required to break it since she doesn’t want to hurt anyone else. Still, she hopes to one day find a way to break it or to at least escape from having to repeat high school over and ovber again.

I love fairy tales. I didn’t when I was a child, but recently I have started to love them. I especially like to read retellings of fairy tales and I have written a couple myself which I hope will one day be published. Anyway, because I like fairy tales so much I decided that I would read this book, and I was not disappointed it.

There are some parts of the book that sound like it might be kind of silly and not very good, but the author made the curse work. Even though it might not sound as bad as the curses in fairy tales and it really isn’t that bad, Neva is still going through a lot of things and she is struggling to find out what she should do and to stay a good person. I liked that about her.

The retelling was also not like any other Snow White retelling that I have read before. Some parts of it I liked and some parts of it I didn’t. I did think that the whole high school curse wasn’t as bad as ones in the actual fairy tales, but like I said before it still worked.

I do wish that Hadley and Mia (I think that was their names) wouldn’t have all been bad. It would have been nice if they had more than that to them.

Overall I would give this book four out of five and I am planning to read the next one which is based on Cinderella I believe. I hope that there will be one based on Sleeping Beauty eventually.

Netgalley gave me this book in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!

Retribution by Amy Thompson

Regan has just started college and she is looking forward to making new friends and starting a brand new life. However, not long after she starts she is attacked by someone and finds out that exiles are trying to kill her for some reason that no one knows. Luckily, four men are sent to protect her until they can come up with some other way to keep her safe. Regan wants to find out why people are after her since she considered herself normal before that. She also wants to keep herself from falling for the gorgeous Colter who is supposed to be keeping her safe, but is far from being nice.

I did this thing was an interesting concept, and I was looking forward to reading a good NA book. There aren’t enough NA books that aren’t pure romance. I think that one day there will be lots of fantasy and sci-fi books in this genre, but I don’t know how long that will take.

This book had a few good characters, too. Even though Regan’s roommate is only in a few scenes. I loved her. She is funny and I thought she was a likable character. I also liked Kaiden.

However, I couldn’t stand Colter and I didn’t much like Regan either. I don’t understand why girls in YA and NA novels always fall for guys who are complete jerks. Just because Colter is hot doesn’t mean that Regan should want to be with him right away. Regan also had tons of guys falling all over her which was annoying. It’s not really realistic to have every guy who you meet want to date you.

Another thing that annoyed me were the names of the characters. Some of the characters have had the same names for hundreds of years even though names like Kaiden are modern and were there for not used until recently. They should have more old fashioned names and not super trendy ones.

There were also quite a few grammar mistakes, especially when it came to commas which was annoying.

Finishing this book was also hard. The plot twists I found to be fairly predictable and the novel just didn’t grab me.

Overall I would give it 2.5 but I will round it up to three since I am feeling nice today.

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Moonfall by Vanessa Morton is about two identical twins who live in Yericho. One of the twins is sophisticated and supposed to marry a well off man while another one is much more concerned about the family. However when Rachav is chosen to work in the temple, she and her identical twin sister take places. Rachav hopes that will help things work out for her but then she finds out some horrible is happening to her little sister.

This novel did have a very good concept. I’m afraid that I am not familiar with the bible story, but it does sound like it would be an interesting one. The twins were also pretty realistic for twins. They weren’t super close and were instead like many siblings. They had problems that normal ones did such as rivalry between the two of them. They still loved each other despite this and there many differences.

However, I found that this novel was very confusing at times. I also started getting bored at the end and had problems finishing it. I also found some grammar mistakes as it went on. Nothing to major though.

Overall I would give this book three out of five. I think other people might like it more than I did.

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Remy O’Malley is both a healer and a protector which makes her unique even to most people who have powers. However, that is not her only problem. She also has a stepmother who is in a coma, a father who is kidnapped, and a crazy grandfather who wants to capture her.

This is actually a very good book. It is the third in the series and the first one that I read, which was disappointing to me, but my problem. I did understand what was going though, but I do wish that I had read the earlier books in the series first. I think that would have made me enjoy this book even more.

I loved the characters in this book, especially Gabe. He was amazing and I loved all the scenes that he was in. He and Remy are very cute together. Their romance also didn’t become a romantic tumor and take over the plot.

The only problem I had with this book at one point it mentioned that there was male healers and then later it said that there were not. I would have given this book five stars, but I didn’t enjoy it quite enough for that even though it was good.

Overall I give it four out of five.

Netgalley gave me this book in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!

Their Cemetery Sown With Corn by Frank Binder

John Arnold has loved Germany ever since he started living there. He loves the culture, the people, and just Germany in general. However, everything changes when the Nazis rise to people and the people he used to know aren’t who they used to be. He doesn’t know what to do, but he also has problems leaving the land that he loves so much.

This novel was interesting. It had some good parts that made me think about what happened in Germany. I liked to read about how all the people changed once the Nazis took over. It was sad, but it was realistic.

However, I didn’t like how many little details that were in this novel that could have been cut. This novel is much longer than it needed to be and it could be a bit slow at times making it very hard to finish.

Overall I would give it three out of five.

Obsessed by Jo Gibson

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Netgalley gave me this book in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!

Obsessed by Jo Gibson

Judy is best friend with a boy named Michael who she loves and would like to date, but sadly he only views her as a friend no matter what she does. Despite that she still stays close with him and hopes that one day he will change her mind. However, things change when girls who work at the club they work at who have dated Michael start getting murdered. Many people believe that Michael is doing it, but Judy knows that he isn’t and is determined to prove it.

This novel was something. At some points, I was interested in it and I would wonder what was going to happen. This was true especially toward the beginning of it. The concept is also pretty good.

However, the characters weren’t all that smart. Even though many girls who have dated Michael have been murdered, girls keep dating him. That doesn’t make sense. I wouldn’t want to date someone if all his past girlfriends were murdered. Also Michael is pretty much a Gary Stu. He has no flaws and everyone thinks he is hot and wants to date him and even marry him even though he is still a teenager.

The murders are all pretty much the same, too. Most the women that are killed also act the same and seem to have one of two personalities. It’s really annoying. I would have liked if they were more developed.

Overall I am going to give this book two of out five.