Return by Max W. Miller

Posted: May 13, 2014 in Uncategorized

Netgalley gave me this book in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!

Megan is about to go to a great new college with her close to perfect boyfriend who is a football player at that college when the two of them and her parents head to New York on a trip. Megan is disappointed since they were supposed to go to Egypt at first, but soon the trip to New York becomes much more eventful than she planned. When looking at some Ancient Egyptian artifacts, Megan can’t help but touch one of them which leads to her having visions. Megan doesn’t know what is happening and she is worried that this might change her and cause her to lose everything that she loves so much.

This novel was very readable. I read most of it in one sitting and I wasn’t bored the whole time. I really like Miller’s writing style. She didn’t go overboard with purple prose or anything like that.

I also adored Megan’s roommate from the south. She was adorable and very likable. I wish that she had been the main character because she is so interesting and funny. I liked all her sayings and I might read some of the later books in the series just so I can see what happens to her.

I really did want to like this book, but the main problem I had with it is that it doesn’t have much of a plot. Mostly it is just about Megan trying to find out what is wrong with her and freaking out because of what is happening. It’s more her freaking out then trying to find out what is wrong, too. This book could have been a lot shorter than it was for that reason.

I should probably give this book two out of three, but I loved the roommate and it was a fun book to read despite the plot problem so I am going to give it three out of five. I hope that the next book will have more of a plot than this one did.


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