Jasmine and Maddie by Christine Pakkala

Posted: May 11, 2014 in Uncategorized

Netgalley gave me this book in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!

Maddie is starting eighth grade, but it is not going how she wants it to. She failed to make the soccer team that her best friend, Kate, is on and now she feels like she is slowly losing her as a friend. She is also having problems finding other people she can fit in with and math is impossible to her. She is hoping to make friends with thew new girl Jasmine, but she is having problems doing that too. Jasmine has just lost her father and now she is moving to a new town. Her mother is also struggling to make ends meet and Jasmine wants to help her somehow. Jasmine is determined to do whatever it takes and mayeb even if that means that she might have to steal.

I loved how the author made both the characters very sympathetic. You couldn’t help but feel bad for both of the girls and wish things that would improve for both of them. I also very much wanted them to be friends since both of them needed a friend.

The ending was also very nice, but I worry that there won’t be much chance for the girls to be friends after what happened. I do like that both characters develop during the novels and they find out more about themselves and their families.

There wasn’t really anything that I didn’t like about this novel. Overall it was very good. I’m not sure if I would consider it upper middle grade or lower YA, probably lower YA because of some of the things in the novel.

I’m going to give this four out of five.


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