Waning Moon by P.J. Sharon

Posted: April 21, 2014 in Uncategorized

Waning Moon by P.J. Sharon

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange for a honest review.

Lily has been gifted with the ability to heal, see the future, and read people’s emotions. However, this is often more of a curse because it has led to people trying to find her and her brother who has the opposite power as her. However, Lily is more concerned with trying to keep her Uncle Sam who is immune to her powers from dying. She knows she must leave her town to do so and after meeting Will, someone who she has instant chemistry with she does so.

This is random and not all that important but I love the name Lily, and I’m glad that the Sharon decided to spell her name that way and not something like Lilliegh. I don’t care if this is a dystopia. If anything I think in the future spellings like that would be less common.

Anyway, I found Lily’s healing power to be pretty interesting, especially since her uncle and brother were immune to it. Even though that could seem like a cop out, I felt Sharon did a good job of making it so it didn’t seem that way. I also liked how Lily cared deeply about both her uncle and her brother. She didn’t just forget about them and her friends once a male ran along.

However, something I didn’t like were Lily’s other powers. She hardly ever uses them and I honestly believe that they could have been cut from the novel. They just didn’t seem to be necessary.

The plot was also kind of weak and a lot of times it seems like it is just Lily running around. The romance kind of takes over the plot at times too especially since she falls for him right away.

Overall I give this three out of five.


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