Poor Little Dead Girls

Posted: March 1, 2014 in Uncategorized

 I got “Poor Little Dead Girls” by the Goodreads first read program.

    Sadie isn’t rich or famous like many of the girls at her new school, but because of a scholarship she still gets to attend. At first, all Sadie is trying to do is make new friends and survive her lacrosse practices. However, eventually she is recruited for a secret society, which she joins without knowing much about it. Sadie soon finds out that it might be dangerous, and she herself might be in trouble. She makes it her mission to find out their secrets to protect herself and others who are important to her.

    Normally, I don’t really care much for contemporary novels, especially when a major part of them is the main character attending school. I find that to be boring for the most part and don’t want to read about school when I spent plenty of time in it. This novel was different though, even though Sadie does have a love interest and she does have to struggle with drama her classmates provide, the main plot is not that. Sadie is a very focused character for the most part who I think lots of people will find to be relatable. I also found the other characters to be interesting. I’m not sure why, but I really liked her twin roommates. Sure, at first, it seems like they are only party girls, but there is more to them. I wish that there would have been more scenes with them in it. Even some of the characters who seem to be unlikable at first have more to them.

    The secret society was very interesting and I was surprised by it quite often. I didn’t expect they would initiate members the way they did, and so that was very interesting. I also found the ending to be shocking. That wasn’t something that I saw coming, but I thought it was a good twist. Really I didn’t see any of the twists in this novel coming, which was a nice change.

    There wasn’t really much wrong with this novel, but it just didn’t impact me enough for me to give it five brains. Still, it is a great novel, which a lot of people will enjoy. I give it four brains.


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